Fire Performances

    The ultimate spectacle for ANY event, public or private, fire does what no other element can! Facing fire's danger, our highly skilled performers wield a variety of props to create vivid patterns and illusions. The swirling flames are so breath taking you will have to pinch yourself just to be sure you are awake!

Flow Performances

    The highly artful, technical, and engaging brother to fire, flow performances offer much more than some fire performances can. Flow uses direct body contact and manipulation of objects, including glow and LED lights, to enshroud the mind in geometric arrangements and visual effects. Truly entrancing and perfect for occasions where space may be limited or more crowd interaction is wanted.

Instructional Workshops and Lessons

    Is merely watching just not enough? Then it may be time to learn for yourself and become a part of the flow lifestyle. We offer exclusive private lessons and group instructional workshops. Beginners start with flow props and the highly adventurous can eventually graduate to fire! We can point you down the right path that is best suited to your needs. There is no limit to what the can be offered.


Many events are being cancelled due to COVID-19, but others are evolving and going to an online format. learn and see performances right from the comfort of your home! Keep track of which ones are now online through our Facebook page!


Juan "Johnnyjuan and Jacquie "Tar Foot" received special honors on for their collaboration video!

For the third year in a row DTS Fire has graced the Telluride, Colorado mountainside for the 2017 Telluride Fire Festival.

DTS and Intrinsic Arts perform at Wakarusa Music Festival 2015

The first ever Flow Show comes to Chicago in 2014 and features DTS / Fire Technician member Johnnyjuan as a performer.

DTS / Fire Technician member Johnnyjuan performs alongside Chicago troupe SDMP at Electric Forrest, 2014.

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