We invite you to meet DTS Fire, or the Dream Team Spinners! A group hailing from the Chicago suburbs and the Northwest Indiana area. Though we do have a core group, that is not exclusive! We constantly collaborate with other area fire and flow troupes to bring you the best performers and the widest variety of skill and style, thus one of the ways we get our name. Much like the "Dream Team" of basketball we consist of the best players from all the teams, not just our own!

    Our performers have 5 plus years of being involved and performing in the fire and flow arts community. Utilizing constantly evolving techniques to keep you entertained and keep pushing their own skill sets to new levels. The events never stay the same! Just when you think you've seen it all something new and exciting comes into play.

    When performing safety is always our highest priority, not just for ourselves but for our audience as well. All of our performers and crew have had fire safety training, utulizing many tools to control the situation, from fire blankets, to extinguishers, and vocal communitcation. Performers are insured for venues indoors and outdoors. Any performance space, indoors especially, are pre-inspected to ensure that nothing will hinder the spectacles you are about to witness!

    We look forward to meeting you, showing you what you've been missing in your life, and bringing the performance of your dreams!

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